November 17, 2001

Suby Tales

After finishing my season of rangering in Escalante, my future ex-wife Lisa came to Utah for a little exploring. I picked her up at the airport and we went for a long road trip through some really remote areas of Utah in my '83 Subaru. After our trip she returned home to Indiana and I headed to Missoula, Montana to my winter job, and where I had been living for the past several years. Some time during that winter I saw an ad in a local paper that was seeking "suby tales". Apparently they were seeking stories of subaru owners adventures that were a result of their car. I thought I had a perfect scenario to suit the story line so I sent in the submission below.


October 1, 2001

100 nights in the Escalante

It's been nine summers since I spent a season as a backcountry ranger in the Escalante. During that season I spent nearly 100 nights camped out in, and between, the wild canyons of the Escalante, mostly by myself.

July 10, 2001

Mt. St. Helens

During my season in Escalante I took a short trip to Montana and Oregon. While in Oregon, and visiting my brother in Vancouver, I thought I'd climb Mt. St. Helens. I was traveling without a car and my brother Brian felt like getting out of town for a little while so we went and checked out the Ape Caves, then went to the small market called Jacks Rest where they were to have the drawing for the next days climbing permits.

May 1, 2001

Pulling into the Current

How I broke away from the so called American Dream and became a Seasonal Park Ranger:

On my 30th birthday I was freshly divorced from wife, mortgage, child, and a job that, I think, was supposed to be an "american dream". I had a '75 chevy pickup truck with a blown motor, a canoe, and a 3'x5' storage unit in Missoula with books and other oddities.