June 1, 2008

Airborne - Ranger - Infantry

Disclaimer: Some may find the below written disturbing.
Italics indicate lyrics of a cadence we used to sing while running in the morning. The rest is just my not-so-humble-opinion.

big bird, big bird, in the sky
all will jump some will die

will my number be the one that comes up
I'll thank God if I only throw up

paratrooper-paratrooper how'd you get down
T10 charlie big and round

fight for the troops says the pin on your lapel
from the cloak of an ivory cell

will you rise when no one else will
put some fucker in your sights, send 'em to hell?

airborne-ranger how'd you get back
100 pound rucksack on my back

have yourself a go, go ahead sign up
put your money where your mouth is - will your number come up

see real quick what your all about
when your political bullshit is covered in doubt

airborne-ranger, where've you been
'round the world and back again

a nine-tailed cat, on tail number ten
but it's seventeen grand to do it again

paratrooper - ranger who are we?
death from above; infantry

badassed we are, but maybe not,
at the 20 year twilight of the clock

power of pride is easy as pie
easy as a sticker on your ride

home isn’t right, it’s a pain in the ass
all people worry about is the price of gas

map-of-the-earth charlie-one-forty-one
puked in a bag, but it don't help none

scared pretty bad, if my mind goes there
just one step into thin air

big-bird, big-bird in the sky
all will jump, some will die