February 26, 2009

West Desert - Hogup Road

The very next weekend was sunny so we headed out for another trip. Doing almost the same Hogup route in reverse. With a side trip to the Newfoundland Mountains. Trevor and I went out that night in my 4runner and camped near Youngs Corral.


The next day Eric and Anja came out to meet us. We walked out onto the wide expanse of the dry lake bed.


From there we drove south and out onto The Fingerpoint. Looked like it'd be a good place to camp in the future.


We then went west along the transcon to the northern tip of the elusive Newfoundland Mountains. All that way just to have a look, and to sit there and plan another trip. I've sure gotten hooked on this West Desert country this winter.


 Then backtracked for miles along the railroad to Lakeside,


 ...and south to I-80.


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