June 30, 2010

Station Solstice

This piece makes a lot more sense to someone that knows life at Sandwash ranger Station
, but it turned out to my satisfaction so I thought I'd post it.

Station Solstice 2009

sunrise at Sandwash around six-fifteen
i sit in the chair, the coffee wakes me

a boater or six, around seven or eight
what’s that new rapid? do the bugs go away?

bughuts reserved, then call for the flow
maybe some breakfast, or just more joe

walk back to the ramp, but first spray with deet
outhouses on the way to make sure they smell sweet

shuttle drivers are here, and can’t find the keys
they're ready to push a car in the river it seems

back to the house for coffee number three
an orange boat tag, first wash off the deet

coffee number three or has it been ten
a little NPR is the same as it’s been

more boaters at noon, then it’s just me
a little bit of lunch, then finally some peace!

a nap on the couch, shut off the radio first
i'll awake to the wind, instead of Roses verse

hike to the airstrip, to feel myself breathe
sit on the edge, look down on a dream

down on a dream, at a pot full of gold
here at the end of Desos rainbow

the cattleguard will announce when boaters arrive
signals the end of a long long drive.

hundred miles or so, 70 is dirt
even if walked would still be the worth

vibrato of high season and the deer flies it brings
makes me think of October at Dripping Springs

the pulse of the day reads one hundred-thirteen
silent and heavy, the mosquitoes even dream

the station at solstice, the seasons it’s been
the hours on the ramp, a beer with a friend

another shift at Sandwash will be ending, all right.
                                                   when they bring towns pace on Tuesday night.

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