June 3, 2012

Table Mountain Wilderness

If Winnie the Pooh is alive and well anywhere in the world; it must be that he lives in the fairy tale aspen glades of Table Mountain Wilderness in central Nevada.
Maybe it really is Christopher Robin's "Hundred Acre Wood".

Table Mtn. Wilderness from Monitor Valley

The expanse of Table Mountain is just as dramatic from above as from below

Trying to make sense of this here map thingy.

George's Camp Corral and Aspens

Lisa scoping out Monitor Valley and Alta-Toquima from Table Mtn.

Table Mtn., Monitor Valley, Alta Toquima

Table Mtn. summit looking NW, I think.

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  1. Unlike a recent post from your prior journey that included dire warnings, this hike looks a bit more civilized but if I am wrong, please don't change my illusion.

    Your hikes are a wonderful inspiration and will become a source of fall exploration. Are you headed into the four corners area? I thought I was going there but with enough of these Nevada hikes...