February 4, 2013

On getting engaged

Here is a photo essay of the two and a half years leading up to Lisa and I getting engaged.


  1. Mick, Congratulations to you both. Never have I seen pictures of two people who seem so in love. My best wishes and know I look forward to meeting Lisa and seeing you again in the near future. On another note I believe your real calling is in literature and photography, not slapping skeeters on Deso. Get with it and entertain us lazy humans out here fiddlin' away life without any music. Well some of us, anyway. Give me a call sometime, as I am still in Florida doing boat work; but at least I am floating around while doing the work.

    Your hobo friend always,

    1. Thanks Skip,

      Someday we'll get together.

      Speaking of Literature....You should put together a blog of your adventures at sea. What stories I bet you have!