August 13, 2014

High Uintas - E. Fork Blacks Fork

While Lisa and I were crossing the Highline Trail our favorite part was what we patched together between the East Fork Blacks Fork and Red Castle. To put it all together was a memorable trip of fantastic scenery....and a reckoning of sorts with the lightning that scared me senseless in Oweep in summer 2013.
....will write about that, and more, later this winter when I have some time. 

these boots are made for walkin'

mile 0 of 46

East Fork Blacks Fork

East Fork soggy walking

top of East Fork

Filtering tundra water

Explorer Peak from Red Knob Pass

Dead Horse from Red Knob Pass

alpine water

Campsite in upper Lake Fork

Little Door Ranch - Oweep Basin

Thoughtful construction

Crossing the Wonderful Oweep

Chasing a storm to Porcupine Pass

Porcupine Exposure

1/2 way up Porcupine

Billygoats on Porcupine Pass

Waiting out a hailstorm above North Star Lake

tough little Columbine

happy and free

The lovely Red Castle
Bullwinkle and crew eating theyselves some grass

Bald Mountain Trail

Bald Mountain

Crossing 11,000' Bald Mountain tundra

two little cuties

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