November 1, 2016

into the Maze

I've always heard that Maze overlook is one of the best overlooks in Utah, but I've seen some pretty nice overlooks in Utah.

Maze Overlook Campsite #1

October 15, 2016

dont fence me in

Lisa had the GBAC conference to go to this year in Reno. Thankfully she's always a good sport about taking backroad adventures in the '77. I suggested we leave a mere 5 days early and spend the time crossing Nevada on the backroads. So we did. We hurried to the Nevada border then south to near Ely where we turned west at Cherry Creek.

July 20, 2016

The Selway Bitterroot - A Crossing

...since the first time I drove Montana's Bitterroot Valley, I wondered at what lay behind that tremendous curtain of mountains.

Big Creek lake from near Packbox Pass

May 29, 2016

Grand Gulch...finally

Our friends would ask us: "where you going this time?" I was embarrassed to say that were going to Grand Gulch for the first time ever. Can't believe we've both been in Utah for 15 years and had never been.

April 28, 2016

solo on the John Day River

I have a friend that's 70 years old. He's been a boater all his life and has untold experience, but has never done a solo trip. Recently he asked me; "what possessed you to go on the river for 9 days by yourself?"

January 17, 2016

Rum Therapy

Lisa and I seem to have been posted up on Jost Van Dyke for the past week. Rented a little 10'x10' plywood shack on the beach in White Bay. For 60/nt. the place comes with mosquitos, a festive blue and yellow paint job, the sound of the surf, and one kitty.

The view every night