February 3, 2017

2 months in Baja

Lisa and I made it to Los Barriles a couple days ago. About 1400 miles in Mexico so far. Lots of slow days, including a big 45 miler! Blazer ran without any problems. No rip offs, or any close calls. Biggest problem was the weather for the first 10 days or so. Pretty rainy, cold and windy, so we stayed on the move trying to get south, reminding ourselves that it wasn't as bad as north. I saw just yesterday that SLC had the worst air quality in the nation....that is why we get lost during winter. Camping has been amazing! Super remote, big views like Nevada, pristine desert that looks like somebody's nature garden, big mountain views, all by the ocean. 

Just a few pics from the trip south for now. I'll add more of a narrative soon.