February 3, 2017

2 months in Baja

Lisa and I made it to Los Barriles a couple days ago. About 1400 miles in Mexico so far. Lots of slow days, including a big 45 miler! Blazer ran without any problems. No rip offs, or any close calls. Biggest problem was the weather for the first 10 days or so. Pretty rainy, cold and windy, so we stayed on the move trying to get south, reminding ourselves that it wasn't as bad as north. I saw just yesterday that SLC had the worst air quality in the nation....that is why we get lost during winter. Camping has been amazing! Super remote, big views like Nevada, pristine desert that looks like somebody's nature garden, big mountain views, all by the ocean. 

Just a few pics from the trip south for now. I'll add more of a narrative soon. 

night 1: SW of Ensenada

Punta San Jose

night 2: P. San Jose
a shit with a view

a baja Nomad

Anniversary dinner... destoyed
The Mama Espinosa's: Baja 1000 shrine

camp 3 near Punta Baja

rainy night 4 in the amazing Boojum's
camp 5: Bahia de Los Angeles

camp 6: San Rafael

colder than rat shit deep in the baja outback

camp 8: near Bahia Ascunsion

$4, including the beer
even the gas station has a rad view, Santa Rosalia
camp 12 and 13: Punta Conejo

contemplating where to go next

street tacos in La Paz

nights 14/15: a bit of fancy

they love bananas and the map

Camp 16: Los Frailes, saw the whales jump

whaa choo wanna do??

post up here is fine...i guess

view for the next month

We had a good stay in Los Barriles, but decided we stayed too long. Would've rather spent time traveling with idle days between travel days. We did a side trip to Todos Santos and nearly bought a house there.
The first blazer fail came on main street in L.B. when the tire carrier swing arm hinge broke off the bumper. I tried getting it fixed at a local shop, but as hard as they tried, those guys didn't really know what their doing. I paid for their time and loaded the pieces up, planning on fixing it at home.

We also did a hike to an oasis in the mountains, but at only 20 minutes it wasn't really our style. Did a Valentines dinner date to La Casita in LB which was amazing. So good we also went to the second location in Todos Santos.

broken by the endless vibrations of Baja


Left: old and broken Right: new and burly

getting some fix (at home)

fixed (at home)

my Valentine

Todos Santos beach

First tacos after starting home - N. of La Paz

San Miguel Comondo

San Jose Comondo: wish we'd have spent more time here

Jesuit aquaduct

kinda weird to drive on 400 year old streets

night 1: not a camp camp: somewhere in the baja outback

San Javier, our favorite mission in Baja

Jesuit olive tree

Night 3: $30 cabin with amazing view

Tres Virgines Volcano

a rental kitty

more tacos

gas in catavina

airing down to cross the hinterlands to the pacific

night 4: on the way to Punta Canoas

Canoas in view.....and fog?

flower season was going strong

lunchtime at foggy Canoas

still have no idea what Canoas looks like

freaky! especially with the fog

Baja Champions: 3000 miles of Baja and no flats

night 5: Catavina desert silly Boojums

wonderful Baja seclusion

night 6: Gonzaga Bay: too many jellyfish to swim

last sunrise in Baja at Gonzaga Bay

last night in Baja: San Felipe

a wash in Mexicali before crossing the border

lining up for the border in Mexicali


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  1. Great photos! I've been roaming the planet for 35 years working in the microscope world of imaging, no pictures, but great memories. Travelling to the Baja in January to escape the freezing hell of winter in Wabamun, Alberta. Will be living out of the 2008 4Runner. Great tip on the Derale #13070 remote fuel/water separator. Am running Hankook Mud terrain for the mud in foothills of Alberta. Interesting scenery in Utah. Will take it in driving down. Worked in Logan for a few weeks. Odd feeling going to a purple liqour store in the middle of a gravel lot for a bottle of wine! LOL

    Thanks for sharing!!